Sutton Krimi * 384 Seiten * Broschur * ISBN : 78-3954000388 * 14.90 EURO

„You and me, w are going to finish this! Now! once and for all!“

Katharina Klein and Andreas Amendtwork on their most personal case: Three murders that happened 16 years ago. One firm lead. And a ruthless murderer.

A blast from the past: When Katharina Klein was 17, her family was brutally murdered; a case still unsolved.

Back from Mafia Island, Katharina stumbles upon a possible lead. Together with her trusty sidekick (and possible love interest) Andreas Amendt, she decides to solve this case once and for all. But the murderer has been either very clever or really stupid. Now he is trying to tie up lose ends, leaving dead bodies behind. As he is obviously well-informed on Katharina’s progress, he can only be somebody she knows and trusts.

She and Andreas Amendt will have to overcome their darkest inner demons to hunt the killer down and bring him to justice.