Sutton Krimi * 384 Pages * Softcover * ISBN : 978-3-86680-484-5 * €14.90

Suspended, accused of murder, demoted to babysitter, unwillingly nominated as Mother of the Year, haunted by the ghosts of the past: Exactly the right moment for Katharina Klein to fall in love with exactly the wrong man.

Katharina Klein has had better days in her life. She wakes up next to a guy she has never seen before in an apartment she doesn’t know. And that’s just the beginning. Next, she finds herself suspended and possibly indicted for murder because she has killed two men in self-defense.

When she finds her neighbor murdered she is put in charge of the neighbor’s daughter, a clever four-year-old who continues to challenge Katharina about everything: Life, love and how to get to the kindergarten on time.

When she sees that her colleagues are about to screw up the murder investigation, Katharina secretly takes over – assisted by Andreas Amendt, the attractive, yet shady new medical examiner at the Frankfurt Institute of Forensic Medicine.
The two of them uncover a medical scandal and a conspiracy that reaches way up in the city’s upper echelons.

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