Corporate Film

IBM Trendduell (Webseries) – IBM/IDG 2013


Two experts, five opinions: A CEO/CIO of a medium-sized business argues with a trend evangelist about recent IT trends and innovations. A viral video meant to direct traffic to a special website. Episode 1: Business Analytics & Big Data Episode 2: Outside the Inbox Episode 3: Mobile Enterprise Episode 4: Cloud Computing Director/Script: Helmut Barz [...]

“SchlingESchlang” (eCommerce Webseries) – IBM


How do businesses of all sizes benefit from IBM WebSphere eCommerce solutions? This series of short videos shows the worst possible outcome from "do-IT-yourself" eCommerce and hints how IBM WebSphere would have prevented the desaster. The first episode deals with scalability. I developed this series in cooperation with Maren Kirch, the illustration and production design [...]

Retail-Banking of the Future – IBM & Deutsche Bank


How will banks do business in the future? What will their branches look like? IBM and Deutsche Bank collaborated in creating a model branch in Berlin. This film portrays its possibilities. This film, which I have written and directed, was shot in 3D (DP: Markus Rave, animations: Eric Mootz) and served as an eye catcher [...]

A Next Generation Data Center for Financial Services – IBM


The "Sparda Datenverarbeitung eG" provides IT services for a countrywide network of banks. Everything from credit history to ATM data is processed in their data centers. In 2012, IBM built a new, secure and highly energy-efficient data center. This film introduces the challenges as well as the solutions in this project. It was used as [...]

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