IBM Trendduell (Webseries) – IBM/IDG 2013


Two experts, five opinions: A CEO/CIO of a medium-sized business argues with a trend evangelist about recent IT trends and innovations. A viral video meant to direct traffic to a special website. Episode 1: Business Analytics & Big Data Episode 2: Outside the Inbox Episode 3: Mobile Enterprise Episode 4: Cloud Computing Director/Script: Helmut Barz [...]

Whitebox Smarter Commerce – IBM CeBIT 2013


How can you use available data to optimize the products and services you offer to your customers? How can you combine the advantages of on- and offline shopping? How do you organize more efficient supply chains especially in time-sensitive industries like agriculture? And, finally, how can you strenghten your relationship with your customers, harnessing their [...]

Poster for a Theater Production – Theatrum Non Gratum 2005


I designed this poster for my own production of Lars Noren's play "Nightwatch", defining a CI for the theater in general. Crucifixion as well as rituals of death and mourning are  leitmotifs of this play - so I played with those elements in the design. The motive is based on a picture of the leading [...]

WestEnd Blues – A Katharina Klein Mystery


Sutton Krimi * 384 Pages * Softcover * ISBN : 978-3-86680-484-5 * €14.90 Suspended, accused of murder, demoted to babysitter, unwillingly nominated as Mother of the Year, haunted by the ghosts of the past: Exactly the right moment for Katharina Klein to fall in love with exactly the wrong man. Katharina Klein has had better [...]

Damenopfer – Katharina Klein makes the Headlines


Sutton Krimi * 408 Pages * broschiert * ISBN: 978-3954004515 * €12,99 "I am really proud to cut the ribbon for the new Special Investigations Unit as well as the Institute for Occult Pathology and Kryptoforensic Medicine. And I would like to take this opportunity to task the brave men and women working here with [...]

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