“P.A.G.S.” (Manfred Weiß/Andreas Breitscheid) – Staatsoper Stuttgart 1999


A song contest, in which a nutty professor, a rocker and his nerdy brother as well as a corporate underling with a superhero complex compete - what could possibly go wrong? "A wild and colorful, and also disturbing montage that will make the young audience sit on the edge of their seats." (dpa, 19th November [...]

“Death and the Maiden” (Ariel Dorfman) – Schlosstheater Celle 2000


Did she really recognize her surprise guest as the doctor who had raped and tortured her many years ago? Or is she trying to force a confession out of an innocent man? The production design was done by my long-time collaborator Ewa Marta. "Helmut Barz doesn't spare us the brutalities of a dictatorship. At the [...]

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