Smarter Cities – IBM CeBIT 2010


The CeBIT 2010 focussed on "Smarter Cities": How to use IT to make cities safer as well as energy-efficient and how to regulate traffic. The showcase demonstrated 20 seconds into this video consisted of several (mostly interactive) elements like giant touch screens that allowed "one on one interaction" with an actor. As usual, I was [...]

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Enterprise – IBM


How can you deliver a key note on document management, compliance and new workplace solutions that doesn't put your audience to sleep? Stefan Pfeiffer from IBM was facing this issue and he turned to CPP and me for help. Together we developed a short play as an hommage to Douglas Adams. A young corporate executive [...]

Employer Reference Services – Ver.di


Written employer references are important on the German labor market. Yet, almost half of these references are flawed, containing anything from wrong job descriptions to hidden derogatory messages. Trade union Ver.di offers its members the possibility to have their references checked for hidden traps. We were asked to raise awareness to the issue and to [...]

Campaign for “Engineering Physics” – University of Applied Sciences Friedberg


The University of Applied Sciences Friedberg offers a unique science and engineering program that equips their students not only with thorough knowledge in science and engineering, it also teaches them hot apply these skills creatively in a corporate context. The graduates of this program are highly on demand. Yet, not many people knew that this [...]

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