Team Leadership

IBM Trendduell (Webseries) – IBM/IDG 2013


Two experts, five opinions: A CEO/CIO of a medium-sized business argues with a trend evangelist about recent IT trends and innovations. A viral video meant to direct traffic to a special website. Episode 1: Business Analytics & Big Data Episode 2: Outside the Inbox Episode 3: Mobile Enterprise Episode 4: Cloud Computing Director/Script: Helmut Barz [...]

Retail-Banking of the Future – IBM & Deutsche Bank


How will banks do business in the future? What will their branches look like? IBM and Deutsche Bank collaborated in creating a model branch in Berlin. This film portrays its possibilities. This film, which I have written and directed, was shot in 3D (DP: Markus Rave, animations: Eric Mootz) and served as an eye catcher [...]

A Next Generation Data Center for Financial Services – IBM


The "Sparda Datenverarbeitung eG" provides IT services for a countrywide network of banks. Everything from credit history to ATM data is processed in their data centers. In 2012, IBM built a new, secure and highly energy-efficient data center. This film introduces the challenges as well as the solutions in this project. It was used as [...]



Ladies and Gentleman, we're pleased to introduce Frankie! In 2014, Frankie was the host and mascot of IBM at the CeBIT fair in Hanover. Frankie is a virtual character whose universe consists of round islands that circulate through the digital ether of the IBM thematic world. At the fair, Frankie – in cooperation with human [...]

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Enterprise – IBM


How can you deliver a key note on document management, compliance and new workplace solutions that doesn't put your audience to sleep? Stefan Pfeiffer from IBM was facing this issue and he turned to CPP and me for help. Together we developed a short play as an hommage to Douglas Adams. A young corporate executive [...]

“P.A.G.S.” (Manfred Weiß/Andreas Breitscheid) – Staatsoper Stuttgart 1999


A song contest, in which a nutty professor, a rocker and his nerdy brother as well as a corporate underling with a superhero complex compete - what could possibly go wrong? "A wild and colorful, and also disturbing montage that will make the young audience sit on the edge of their seats." (dpa, 19th November [...]

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