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Translation is the art of transferring the factual and emotional reading experience into another language culture. A successful translation strikes a balance between closeness to the source and adaptation of messaging and content to the new target audience – as free as necessary, as faithful as possible. The result will read like an original – right at home in its new cultural and lingustic context.

Interested how those translations read in reality? You’ll find a few examples of my work down below.


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    Sample Translations:

    You may have stumbled upon my translation work already – albeit without noticing as I adhere to strict confidentiality agreements with customers, large corporations like ManpowerGroup or Criteo among them. That’s why I have created a few samples by translating a few favorites of mine.


    Frequently Asked Questions & Their Answers:

    In which language pairs do I work?2023-01-29T10:51:18+01:00

    I am a staunch supporter of the native speaker principle: The translator should always translate into their native language. Therefore, I offer translations and transcreations from English (US/UK) into German (Germany). I only provide German into English translations in the context of work translations or in cooperation with an English-language proofreading agency.

    What do I translate?2023-01-29T10:51:15+01:00

    My translation work focuses on corporate communications – print/online/multimedia. I also have extensive experience translating user interfaces, manuals, tutorials, and help centers for software and apps.

    However, I also work on other translations on request, preferably from the literary field. However, I am not a sworn legal translator, so I cannot accept assignments for contracts and other legal documents. However, I will be happy to refer you to suitable colleagues.

    What does my work process look like?2023-01-29T10:51:12+01:00

    After carefully reading and clarifying any questions, I first create a draft translation, which is refined and made more precise during the editing phase. A further editing pass and an automated as well as manual spelling and grammar check round off the text.

    How fast can I deliver?2023-01-29T10:51:09+01:00

    My maximum daily capacity is 3,000 words, which, of course, is divided between all active projects. That’s why I will name a possible delivery date with your offer. Please refer to my price list for special surcharges for same-day or 24-hour deliveries.

    Which tools do I use?2023-01-29T10:51:08+01:00

    To guarantee maximum quality, I use the CAT tools MemoQ and SDL Trados, each with current licenses and up-to-date online and offline dictionaries. If you want me to use another CAT tool, you must provide me with the appropriate licensing. Please bear in mind: Each person works most effectively with the tools they know best.

    In addition, I would like to point out that I do not use GTT, Translation Workspace from Lionbridge, or Smartling. I also reserve the right to refuse to use other tools if they negatively impact my workflow.

    Which formats can I process?2023-01-29T10:51:07+01:00

    I can work with all conventional editable formats: DOC/DOCX, XLS, PPT, RTF, TXT, HTML, and XML. In addition, I can use XLIFFs and project files for MemoQ and Trados directly, but I would still ask for a PDF of the original in each case so I can check the context. I can also process files from InDesign in IDML format.

    There are additional costs for non-editable files like PDFs, Illustrator files, images (JPEG, PNG, PSD, GIF, etc.), and videos because I have to extract or transcribe the texts first. Please note that I cannot provide finished files from non-editable sources. I will deliver a bilingual document. If you need a ready-to-use file, I need the corresponding raw data. And there will be additional surcharges for DTP.

    What rights do you obtain to the translations?2023-01-29T10:51:01+01:00

    In principle, you receive a temporally and spatially unrestricted and exclusive right of use for the translation within the scope of the intended target medium. Use in other media and contexts – e.g., publication of a brochure text on a website – would have to be agreed upon and remunerated accordingly. Furthermore, I charge extra for using my translations within translation Memories.

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