Hire me?

Reasons why you should

  • 25+ years of experience in creative communications in a broad range of media, online and offline, stage, print, film … Check out My Portfolio for further details.
  • Strategic and goal-oriented attitude including a personal philosophy of life-long learning
  • Leadership experience in creating a safe, inspiring and result-oriented work environment for heterogeneous creative teams
  • Highly team-oriented approach to work
  • Comprehensive skillset, as well as a very broad education and a wide field of intellectual interests
  • High level market expertise, especially in B2B and IT-related products and services
  • Not satisfied with “second-best” or average – I will get the job done to the best of my abilities
  • Willing to listen, to ask questions, to challenge myself for the best possible result
  • No-nonsense attitude: I value the results higher than power games
  • Used to working with highest levels of confidentiality

Doing Business With Me

Getting to know me

I’ll be happy to take any interviews in person, by phone or via Skype (though if you insist on Skype video, please give me an advance notice so that I can tidy up my office), even if these interviews are just preliminary. Moreover, you’ll find my CV here. If you need any other additional material or references, just ask; I’ll provide them.


T do the best possible job at the mot competitive price, I will need a detailed and thorough briefing, either verbally, in writing oder both. I will ask many questions that may even go beyond the project – I am a curious person. Moreover, when dealing in creative communications, you cannot know too much. I have prepared a general template for briefings. One customer asked me to do this and I found that it has become a valuable tool not just for me but for all stakeholders involved). So I put it up in the Downloads section, in case you are interested.


Based on the briefing and our mutual agreement what my task in the project will be, I will put together a detailed quote. Hopefully, we agree on a fixed price without any hidden costs or any extra charges. If we agree on the quote, I’ll usually present a suggestion for a timetable and ways of collaboration.


As the projects I work on are always a team effort, my first task will be to establish lines of communication to all involved parties. I will either link myself into an existing network, or, if necessary, I will create one. After that, we will use every tool necessary to keep in touch and create a solid working relationship.


I will not stop working until we reach the goals we have set for ourselves. Only after that, I will write the invoice. Though, in long-term projects we may need to agree on a retainer.


You’ll receive a detailed invoice listing all important positions including expenses and a detailed acount of what I did and how long it took me. Of course, I will provide receipts for any expenses.