Creative Communications

The Art Of Dialogue Starts With The Story

Customers are looking for solutions to their challenges, be they factual, emotional, or both. Businesses, on the other hand, offer products and services. The central task of corporate, brand and product communication is to be a trustworthy mediator: It requires listening carefully to all stakeholders – and creatively telling the story that will reach the addressee and inspire the dialogue.

The basis for this is information – not just about your offerings but also about your business, potential customers, and market. So you’d better be prepared for me to ask you more than just a few questions …

Communications Support For You

With more than 30 years of experience in storytelling and communications in a variety of environments from theater to advertising, I can offer you a broad portfolio of text & language-based services:

  • Strategy & Concept – from single media to campaigns.
  • Script – Stories sometimes come without words, but to tell them right, you first have to put them into language
  • Copywriting – from headline to (SEO-safe) copy,and dialogue
  • Editing –  The finishing touches for your texts from story/message/line editing to spelling and grammar checks.

The Areas of My Expertise

Selected Projects

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