How can you deliver a key note on document management, compliance and new workplace solutions that doesn’t put your audience to sleep? Stefan Pfeiffer from IBM was facing this issue and he turned to CPP and me for help. Together we developed a short play as an hommage to Douglas Adams. A young corporate executive suddenly finds herself without an office (it is being replaced by an automated mail processing unit). Together with another office-less person who is more experienced they wander through fictional company KAJ and try to figure things out. They visit the archives, the IT department and finally the new department, which fuses marketing and R&D (natural enemies) into a single unit. Along the way, we learn about possible solutions and what stops them from being implemented.

This play was a huge success and we played it all over Germany, including the re:publica social media conference.

The pictures are screenshots from videos between the play’s acts: We used them to introduce places and topics. They were scripted by me and designed by Thorsten Fietzek.

Videos (German)