How can you use available data to optimize the products and services you offer to your customers? How can you combine the advantages of on- and offline shopping? How do you organize more efficient supply chains especially in time-sensitive industries like agriculture? And, finally, how can you strenghten your relationship with your customers, harnessing their input for better products at the same time?

This showcase tells four stories that show how these questions can be answered. It combines complex map projection with real-life interaction. The white box (with its integrated treadmill) becomes a virtual stage for a very real dancer.

I usually don’t play favorites, but this project still is one of the most interesting things I have done in recent years. Not only led it me back to my roots, the theater; I could make a long-time wish of mine come true – working with a virtual stage set.

As you may gather form the video, we had to do a lot of research on this project in terms of movement and perspective. I directed this showcase as part of a team led by Gernot Pflüger (concept/text) and Sandra Ellinger (design, stage) and huge team of more than 15 people involving not only graphics and video artists but also technicians and engineers. I worked with two extremely talented dancers (Maria Haueis, Carina Ott) who took turns at the CeBIT, as the show was on every half hour.

The project drew large crowds with every performance and was widely shown in the media.

Video (English Version)